How is this for synchronicity?

I was watching an episode of True Detective about a week ago and in the background of one of the scenes there was this amazing artwork on the wall. I wanted to get a closer look at it or at least find out who the artist was but I never got a good enough look at it to be able to identify it. Fast forward to today, when in my newsfeed on facebook, there is a mention of an art exhibition featuring women artists who create artworks inspired by nature. The exhibition features some esteemed (dead) artists as well current artists. Anyway, as I was reading story, one of the artworks popped up and it was an artwork by the same artist that was in the background of the True Detective show. The artist was Maria Sibylla Merian and she was born in the mid 1600s and was a scientific illustrator.

Pictured below is the work that was in the background of the show, or one very similar as she seems to have painted several on this theme. More info on the artist

Anyway, of COURSE i like the image as it's a subject I have painted myself in the past (I had a series of entangled fighting animals in my "Adversaries" series from a while back, which I was thinking of revisiting. So I am considering making a new work inspired by Merian's work (which will have "After Maria Sibylla Merian" in the title). So watch this space....

For those curious, here is the exhibition in which you can see her work