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An Announcement and an Opportunity

  View this email in your browser ART NEWSLETTER Visit My Website! An Announcement & An Opportunity Hello everyone. I have a personal announcement I need to make: In the past several years prices on daily necessities have gone up, my apartment rent has gone up an extra $400/month, I have new studio costs, show fees and supplies have increased, and gas and travel costs to get to shows have increased, etc. I haven't actually raised my prices on my artworks in years. Consequently, I will be increasing my prices on artworks that are under $500. I've also noticed at shows that works of mine at this size / price point are often at a lower price point than my peers, who also raised their prices in the past couple of years. So to keep competitive, I would like to raise my prices on all of my works $500 and under. New prices would be something like: $150 is now $175, $200 is $225, $250 is $275, $300 is $325, $450 is now $475). I will revisit this strategy at the end of the year. I r

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