New Art License Agreement with 3-D Art Print Company VisualRise

3-D Textured Fine Art Prints

I have recently signed a licensing deal with UK-based company VisualRIse to create unique 3-D fine art prints of my work. All Visual Rise art pieces are carefully selected and created using a high definition digital press. The piece is printed traditionally, then embossed using advanced printing technology to laminate and apply fine layers of clear ink to build up its unique texture. The lamination and embossing, protect the piece from sun damage and allows the art-work to be touched and thus negates the need to use glass when framing. Click here to view some of my artworks available as 3-D art prints through VisualRise.

Below is a video example of one of my artworks, "Emergence",  translated into a textured art print.

And here is a video of The Berry Thief