Work in Progress: Western Black Rhino

I started a new artwork yesterday inspired by the now-extinct Western Black Rhino. The Western Black Rhino was declared officially extinct in 2011 but it is surmised that the last one was actually most likely killed (by poaching) around 2003. The rest of the Black Rhino species ( as well as many other Rhino species) are critically endangered. Here is a good article on how the Western Black Rhino went extinct.

This is one of my largest works to date, measuring 30 x 40 inches before framing (once matted and framed we're looking at the piece being about 48" on it's longest side. I'm also trying a slightly different style on this one, with a looser, sketchier approach.

Work in progress / To be titled
Mixed Media on Illustration Board
30 x 40 inches

Some progress photos from the past two days. Click to enlarge photos.