Latest Artworks: "Waiting to be Born Again" and "In the Time of the Trilobites"

It's Snow Day here in Pennsylvania (up to a foot is falling on my town), and after stocking up art supplies,  I was able to wrap up work on my some more art.

"Waiting to be Born Again"
30 x 20 inches
Sepia ink and copper acrylic on Illustration Board

(Edit: the title comes from a Porcupine Tree song lyric, though this artwork is not meant to illustrate the song in question. However, as I was drawing this artwork, that lyric from the song kept running through my head. So there you go... and if you're curious about the song, here it is on youtube )

And this piece I finished several days ago but had not had a chance to post it on the blog yet. It's inspired by Pennsylvania's state fossil, the trilobite 

In the Time of the Trilobites
12 x 12 inches
Ink and Acrylic on 2 inch deep Aquabord