Latest Artwork: Extinction 2011: Western Black Rhino

I finished up my Western Black Rhino artwork yesterday. It's one of the largest artworks I have made to date and it's a tribute to an animal that went extinct in the 2000s (conservationists think the last Western Black Rhino went extinct around 2003 but it was not officially declared extinct until 2011) largely due to poaching. The Western Black Rhino is a subspecies of the Black Rhino, which is also critically endangered. In fact, just about all rhino species are not faring too well, unfortunately. For more info on just how the Western Black Rhino was poached into extinction, here is a good article by Scientific American.

Extinction 2011: Western Black Rhino
30 x 40 inches (will be about 36 x 48" once matted and framed)
Mixed Media on Illustration Board