Work in Progress: Swimming Horses (Hippocampi)

Here are some photos of something new I started today. I know some people like to look at artworks while in progress so I figured I’d post these here. I haven’t done any pastel work in a while, and it’s one of my favorite mediums, so I thought I’d start a new piece using oil pastels. I just love the vibrant colors that you can get out of them. Also, one of my favorite subjects to draw or paint are hippocampi, or mythological sea horses that are half horse, half fish. Although you can’t see the fish tails in this new work, I like to imagine that they are there. Or maybe these are simply horses out for a swim, imagining that they are hippocampi.

Work in progress:
Swimming Horses (Hippocampi),
24 x 36 inches,
pastel on pastelboard

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