Latest Artworks: "The Unruffled Eagle" and "Flora and Fauna"

I had some good news the other day. I have been accepted into the 2012 Historic Yellow Springs Art Show in Chester Springs, PA. Yellow Springs is a prestigious annual juried art show held every year in the spring. This year it will be April 28th through May 13th, with a preview party held on April 27th. Much like the now defunct Immaculata Art Show, I will need to bring four larger pieces and ten "minis" for sale. With this in mind, I started working on some more of my  mixed media mini ink pieces, because, in addition to Yellow Springs, I was invited to participate in the inaugural edition of a new annual juried show, put together by former Immaculata artists and jurors, which will take place in early February (I'll be posting an announcement about this soon). This new art show will also need four larger artworks and ten minis. So after I finish up my current projects, I am going to have to work on mostly minis for the next month or so.

Two down so far:

"Flora and Fauna"
6 x 9 inches
Ink and Tea on Paper

"The Unruffled Eagle"
6 x 9 inches
Ink, Tea and White Charcoal on Paper