WIP: The Banyan Tree

For my latest WIP, I decided to try my hand at botanicals, and more specifically, the Banyan Tree. I thought the amazingly gigantic and twisty roots and limbs of this tree would lend itself well to my art style.
The photos below show the artwork in progress over a period of three days. I should hopefully get a more professional photo posted of the artwork posted to my website within the next day or so.
"The Banyan Tree"
Gouache, liquid silver leaf, oil pastels, colored pencils, ink, marker, silver sharpie pen on Strathermore paper; 
19 x 25 inches.approx.


IamANT said…
More trees please! I really enjoy seeing your process on the blog. A giant tree and all of those roots from a little fig.
Lynnette said…
Thanks Ant
I am thinking of doing a series of plants and more trees will be definitely be in the future....