Nearfest Progress Report

I got back from Nearfest 2010 late last night, tired, but in a good mood. I had a successful art vending experience, networked, hung out with friends AND saw some interesting bands, including headliner Three Friends, which is a Gentle Giant reunion of sorts. A kind soul at Nearfest gave me back stage passes so Lord Masque and I enjoyed the show from the sidelines.

Some photos:

Me in the art vendor's room

The Enid
Another interesting band at the fest was a group called Moraine, from the Pacific Northwest. I hadn't heard of them prior to the festival but I'll have to keep them on my radar now.

I also got to meet with two wonderful artists while in the vending room - the talented Mark Wilkinson and the very kind Claus Brusen, both of whom  specialize in fantasy art.

Artwork by Claus Brusen

Me in the vending room again; photo courtesy Debbie Sears


IamANT said…
Congrats on the festival! Do you find that festvals are better for networking or selling? To me it's more of a networking thing.
Hi Ant
Depends on the festival. I am trying to be choosier about what festivals I do. In this case, I did well in both sales AND networking so it was a win-win situation for me.