Latest artwork: Leaps and Bounds (The Impala)

Spent a couple of hours the day before and then most of yesterday on this.

"Leaps and Bounds (The Impala)"
about 23 x 30 inches or so.
Ink, Tea, Coffee, Liquid Gold Leaf, Gold Paint Pen, Black Gouache and White Acrylic on white Stonehenge and handmade deckled cream-colored Punjab paper.

I started off with a sketch of the impala on the Stonehenge paper. After inking in the outlines and some initial work on the head, I accidentally tore the paper and rather than throw it all away, I cut out the impala shape, which the tear hadn't reached, and then pasted it on the handmade Punjab paper. Before pasting it on though, I stained the Punjab paper with tea and coffee, which, with the deckled edges, kind of almost gave it an animal hide look.

I kept the colors to strictly browns, gold, creams, ivory and black for an overall earthy tone.

Some WIPS and the final artwork below. Click images to enlarge.


IamANT said…
I really enjoy your post showing the process you go thru to create a piece. Never thought I could like gold in a piece. Good job!
Lynnette said…
Thanks Ant
You dislike gold? I love gold (obviously!). Anyway thanks for visiting and commenting.