Works in Progress

Hey all.
I'm snowed in here in Philadelphia so I thought I should take the time to update my much-neglected blog.

I've been busy working on website designs and some other graphic projects, but I've also been busy with some new artworks. I'm also in a new gallery down on the Main Line so if you have not stopped by my exhibitions page in a while, please check out all of my upcoming events.

Anway, below I've posted some photos of various new works of mine in progress, for those interested in getting a look at such things.

This first artwork is called "Ursa" and it measures about 11 x 15 inches.

Next up is my latest artwork, "Three Ravens," which measures 25 x 19 inches.

And finally, just a sketch I've started for a new artwork called "The Serpent Tree", which also measures 19 x 25 inches.