New Artworks

Been craaaazy busy this past week but I managed to find some time to finish one new artwork, and get a good start on a new piece. The finished artwork is a wolf dragon (though, it ended up looking a bit more like a fox dragon than a wolf dragon, I must admit). It's a medium sized work, about 19 x 12 inches. I used oil pastels, colored pencils, metallic paints and pen and marker on brown watercolor paper. I will most likely have it up for sale at my art show in December.

The second piece, is spoken for already, but it's only 8 x 10 inches and is a mixed media rendering of a crane on green watercolor paper. I also used oil pastels, colored pencils, paint and pen/marker for this piece. I anticipate finishing this off tonight or tomorrow.

Below are some photos of the works-in-progress and completed work. Please click on an image to enlarge.