Mechanical Curiosities

A while ago I profiled Delaware artist/engineer Edmund Dohnert. Dohnert creates motion machines with a decidedly Victorian aesthetic. While he made these machines in obscurity for many years, known only to his family and friends, Dohnert finally has a website to showcase his work thanks to the hard work of Miss Lily. Check it out here. Along with pictures of his work, the website features videos of them in motion as well as details how they work and the model plans.

Some highlights:

Up One Spiral and Down Another

Mechanical Snakedance

The Altar of Complexity

Victor Rat Trap No. 3


Anonymous said…
I find these type of machine absolutely fascinating. The mechanics involved, along with incredible workmanship is amazing.
Anonymous said…
Hi Scott!
I agree, and I've seen these machines in person as well. They are amazing.