Band of the Day: KOENJIHYAKKEI

I am going to NEAR Fest this weekend, and one of the bands that I am most looking forward to seeing (other than Peter Hammill of Van Der Graaf Generator fame - one of my favorite bands of all time - and Italian band Banco) is Japanese zeuhl band, KOENJIHYAKKEI, which is headed by the fantastic Ruins drummer Tatsuya Yoshida. I have their Nivraym album, which is an excellent musical investment for those who like frenetic, intense, theatrical rhythmic workouts.

According to an apt Pitchfork review,
"KOENJIHYAKKEI is a unique concept for Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), and it may go down as his greatest achievement: the most perfect fusion of straight prog, the avant-garde and hardcore punk. Amen."

Visit the band's website here for more info. Listen to a legal mp3 here.