News and Updates

While my current "Creature Feature" art show will be hanging until the end of September, the artist reception has been finalized for Friday, Sept. 5th at the High Point Cafe, 602 W. Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 215.849.5153. 4:30 to 6 PM. Reception will be held as part of the First Friday Philadelphia Arts Crawl. Email questions to redeye at designbyredeye dot com. For more on upcoming exhibitions, please visit my Redeye Design exhibitions page.

In other news, lot of stuff happening this week. I was down by the Chesapeake this past weekend and we got to go out on some one's boat for a short while. While out on the water, we saw several large osprey nests, including inhabitants. I tried to take a decent closeup of them, but failed miserably. However, I am inspired to try and draw one for a future artwork (currently I am working on a "Thunder Bird", inspired by the Native American folklore). They are truly beautiful creatures.

I've landed several interesting client projects that should start this week or shortly thereafter. More details later. Also, my birthday is coming up on Saturday, but besides my personal milestone, my Redeye Design freelance business is celebrating its first year in operation as of August 1. So happy birthday to me AND to Redeye :)


Hey Lynnette,

It was my birthday (and J&I's wedding anniversary last Saturday (26th), so Happy Birthday to you too, and to Redeye. Best of luck with the exhibition, I'm sure you'll sell some! I'm going to the 'Skin and Bones' exhib tomorrow (fashion and architecture) at Somerset House in London. Will let you know how it was...
Your stuff looks really influenced by Aboriginal art - would I be right?
Hope to speak soon...take care.
Thanks Bobbie.
Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary to you as well :). I do like Aborginal art, as well as Celtic, Eastern and Middle-Eastern. And Art Nouveau. "Skin and Bones" sounds like fun.
Talk to you later...