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Latest Artwork: Seen and Unseen


Original is available for sale.
TO PURCHASE: Email Lynnette.


Price: $2700. Shipping Available
Artwork Dimensions: 30 x 30 inches
Medium: ink, acrylic on wood panel.
Year Created: 2020

Originally , when I was on this painting (late May through early June 2020), my imagery was influenced by the stay at home orders because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I likened the rabbit to people hunkering down alone in their homes while the spring turned into summer. But then the murder of George Floyd happened and the subsequent protests and it made me think of the obvious, showy manifestations of the current climate and the undercurrent of less obvious (depending on your point of view) things happening below the surface that feeds these events. While I wouldn't say the painting was about these events, I do think it's important to look deeper at the root of these issues.

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