MySpace Band of the Day: Signal To Noise Ratio

Combining psychedelia, electronics, rock, world, improv and more, Polish band Signal to Noise Ratio is a refreshingly original band. According to the band's manifesto:

The Signal to Noise Ratio band's goal is to play unbound music, based on improvisation and the search for new musical experiences. We don't have the need to fit into any of the existing music styles - our music is a projection of our personalities.

The artists of Signal to Noise Ratio came up with an idea to create their own musical style they refer to as "uncramped music". Both evanescent form and no binding stylistic obligation seem to prove that they have succeeded.

The songs of SNR are usually characterised by latitude of form varying from one concert to another and include a great number of improvised passages. While listening to the compositions of the group, one can easily find the traces of psychedelic ambience and (Polish, Arabian, Indian) ethnic music. The band is constantly looking for unconventional music solutions and original style resonating with traditional coarse rock of the turn of the 1960s and 1970s as well as with modern electronic music.

SNR often collaborates with guest musicians; live performances and studio recordings feature female vocals and variety of instruments such as viola, flute, oboe or goblet drum.

Check out sound samples on their myspace page, or visit their website, featured in English and Polish.